The Unorganized Church?

It’s been a little over a year ago that I stopped going to a traditional church. I’ve visited a few (three) since then. I thought I would miss it more than I do. But, I don’t miss it all that much. I miss seeing some of the folks on Sunday, but while some relationships have run their course, other friendships remain strong. I am grateful.

Now, I don’t say the following as a negative against the traditional church. It’s just my experience. But, my worship life has been better outside the literal four walls of the church. My love for God and people has expanded as a result. Jesus truly is enough.

The first draft of this post included a huge ol’ honkin’ section of the failures and strengths of organized religion. Honestly, as I read it to edit it, it was SO annoying. So, let’s just skip that part and get to the part that’s from my heart.

What if we didn’t try to organize “church”? What if we just showed up and allowed whatever happens to happen? No leaders, no lesson plans, no agendas except ones made on the fly, no hidden agendas…ever. What if we just met for coffee/drinks/meal (whatever) and allowed relationships to grow organically, not confined to the formulaic Sunday School + Worship + Sermon + Chit Chat = Going to church. What if, instead of giving money to the church, we just give money to whoever needs it as we can when the moment makes itself known?

How cool would it be to simply be present to whoever shows up with whatever is on their mind?

I like the idea of an unorganized church. Is it possible?


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17 responses to “The Unorganized Church?”

  1. Good article Randy. I’m with you on that.


  2. If you lived closer, I would totally be down for doing church like that! I think it’s possible, yet we humans like to organise. I think it’s an inheritance from God, because creation is orderly clearly. But it would be nice if church was more us allowing God to organise, not people organise and expect God to bless it.


    1. I had the thought earlier that maybe, if I do something, I could have a Facebook Live feed :). It would be fun to meet you in person!


      1. I was just thinking that – having a “mobile-meet-up” Technology is there.


        1. Great minds :). Hi Jon 🙂


  3. I was led out Church in 1989 to live that which the Holy Spirit had taught me since being baptized in the Holy Spirit in 1978. Just before that, during 2 40-day Fast, I was told to go with the flow and allow the Spirit of our Lord to unfold my life day by day, sovereignly as i continued to walk with Him in the Spirit, absolutely surrendered. During the Fasts I was shown the future, it has been unfolding just as HE said HE would bring about… for His Kingdom Sake and not just ours.

    I have been in continual fellowship outside of meeting anyone in a organized-predetermined manner ever since. My worship life has gotten better as well. Our life is an act of worship, is it not? What a wonderful way to Worship our Father… to trust and love HIM with our entire being and love as HE loves through us through our union.

    Through my Journey of Faith into a Knowing, I have discovered the fiery trials and tribulations we go through are a Purification Gift which conform us into the Image and Likeness of Christ. They purify love within us … and burn off that which is tainted with finite understanding, concepts and all preconditioning as we are matured in the Spirit through a living relationship, which becomes all the more intimate, since it is ONE on ONE rather than dependent upon man to teach or lead us.

    This is part of the Baptism of Fire we all go through once we’ve been awakened to a living relationship with Father rather than simply learning ‘about’ God. Or at least that has been part of my spiritual experiences thus far.

    The Way of Christ, the Truth of Christ, the Life of Christ is to love as our Father loves… it is through the Living-Life Breathing Words of Jesus we are told of our Heavenly Father and His loving ways and truth and desire for each of us … as we live the truth of them we find we are each being conformed into His Image and Likeness to become a Christed One.

    May I offer this link, it offers Words from the Holy Spirit I received after the Holy Spirit brought me into God’s Rest .. I am moved to do so:


  4. “I like the idea of an unorganized church. Is it possible?”

    It sounds wonderful! Sadly, in my experience, there are always those who feel the need to ‘lord it over’ their brothers and sisters and who will step in and want to play at being ‘king’. Sadder still, there are always those who desire a king so that they can sit back comfortably and be ruled.


    1. Hmmm… well, that doesn’t bode well. Maybe we simply create an environment where that isn’t allowed to happen and if it does, those that want that do that and those of us who don’t, won’t 🙂


      1. Thanks, Randy. I think my comment probably sounded more negative than I intended. While that has been my experience within the institutional church, I have also experienced incredible, intimate, “unorganised” times with others outside that setting 🙂


        1. Thanks for sharing more and I totally get it :).


  5. It’s not only possible, it’s great!! Been doing that for over 5 years now. The getting together happens with a couple of other folks who aren’t bothered by the lack of organization – the relationships are growing slowly, but in authenticity and strength – and we just sent a check off this week to a young friend in another state who’s car window got smashed in and she needed some help getting it fixed. There is definitely life outside the organization…and it’s very good!


    1. Very cool and glad to hear that!


  6. Absolutely – that’s the church we read about in Acts…Christ honoring and Holy Spirit led. I’m SO hungry for this.


    1. Agreed. I think a lot of people are hungry for this type of thing, too.


  7. Not only possible, but very liberating. I stepped away from organized “church” myself just over two years ago and have found it to be wonderful. Releasing the need to organize requires having faith that you ARE being organized, just not by human hands. Remember that we are living stones being built by Jesus, who said HE would build his church. Anything else would be a vain labor.

    Great post – short, sweet, and to the point. Love it!


  8. Some of my friends call this “Un-church” and some of us meet together on random Sunday mornings. At Un-church (usually at someone’s home — radical idea, I know), there are people raised in many different traditions. When someone there expresses a question, doubt, or challenge to modern Christian practices, they are not met with silencing or frowns. Just friendship. There are maybe 30 of us, and no one is required to do or be anything. It is fellowship and there is nothing organized about it except the time and place. Good, good people.

    The poor unfortunate Early Church had to fellowship with no New Testament. How did they get along without that? It didn’t exist. Yet Christianity was grown from them.

    It has been years since I have had to endure manipulative music and dramatic decrescendos just before an offering plate gets passed.

    Try the growing Un-church.


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