Where 2020 = Horrible, 2021 = WTF Rollercoaster

2021 had me holding on by the seat of my pants through the dramatic highs and lows. You know when you get off the rollercoaster, and your hair is all messed up, and you aren’t sure where your chewing gum went? Where your voice is hoarse from screaming and laughing? Remember that lovely moment when your knees wobble as your equilibrium recovers while checking to make sure you didn’t pee your pants? And even with all the rollercoaster-rama-trauma, you still have that big goofy grin, laughing with your friends over the shared experience, and have that radiant adrenaline afterglow?

That’s where I am at in remembering this “WTF just happened?” year.

  • January got promotion at work!
  • February 3rd, Queen Gigi the Grey (pitty-mix) literally followed Dan and Eli (the Chihuahua) home from a walk… we adopted her two weeks later. It was two days after that we realized we have the two most aggressive dog breeds, in the world, in our house. Lol.
  • March 26th Got first Pfizer vaccine shot. That was a surreal experience and made me sleep for a day and a half.
  • March 28th Dan’s Birthday!
  • April 1st Got the Covid, Boo! Autumn’s 14th Birthday, Yay! but with Covid, not yay. I had severe flu like symptoms but the worst was the brain-fog. I remember standing in the backyard chanting “The sun feels good. The sun feels so good… how did I get out here?”
  • April 16th Got the second vaccine shot (no symptoms for a week and cleared to get it). This time my arm really hurt for a day.
  • May 12th Learned Ryan Murphy and Netflix bought “Pray Away” to stream globally starting August 3rd… OMG Yay! Has and will save many lives.
  • May 14th my 53rd birthday. Had a great time at an outdoor brunch dancing with drag queens.
  • Everyone started going back to working in the office… eh… I actually love it. Hated working from home.
  • June 15th to 18th went to New York City (Brooklyn specifically) for the Tribeca Film festival premiere for “Pray Away” Had an amazing time at the premiere and premiere party.
  • July Netflix media training, preparing for platform launch… woweee!
  • July also sent home from work for covid exposure (was negative) and it was a pain in the arse.
  • August 3rd “Pray Away” launches and a ton of media coverage. Was on NPR, Anne Heche’s podcast, mentioned in the New York Times, Chicagro Tribune and a couple of dozen (more?) media outlets. I was not able to keep up with all the messages, emails, phone calls, texts, crazy and revealing time.
  • August 31st Mom had a bad stroke to the point the doctor’s were preparing us for the worst. However, today and talking to her you wouldn’t know it happened. She is a miracle.
  • September got another promotion at work!
  • October 16th Married the love of my life, Dan. The wedding was perfect. Our friends and family who were there… what a joy. Best day of my life.
  • October 24th Went on my honeymoon and first luxury cruise (Virgin Voyages, Scarlet Lady) We went from Miami to Cozumel to Bimini Beach (Bahamas) and back to Miami. I had the time of my life!
  • November 8th Dan rushed me to the ER. I had E.coli food poisoning! Very … very … painful… Boo! Was *not* the time of my life :).
  • December Legally changed my last name to “Scobey” and had a fantastic Christmas in so many ways.

It has been an incredible year. Whether good or bad, most of it has been very clarifying and oddly stabilizing. There were so many sought-after answers that came this year. Then mix in the culmination of joyous and profound life events, sprinkled with painful reminders of our mortality, has made me more present in the moment and grateful for what is (not some weird “what should be”) as a default. I lived this year in every breathtaking (a couple of times literally) moment and never felt more authentically alive than ever.

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