The Statue of Liberty Blew Me A Kiss

No. Not *that* Statue of Liberty. I am talking about the cute one spinning a sign by the side of the road on my way to work.

One day, I went the five-minute longer route to work. And low and behold there was a man in what looked like a very uncomfortable and hot costume. Not sexy, just like “it must be a steambath underneath that costume” kind of hot. When he wasn’t spinning the sign for whatever it was (font too small) he was waving at cars.

Well, I waved back. Because if I were in that horrible and uncomfortable costume, you better return my wave or I am chasing you down and throwing the small font unreadable sign at you. So I waved and that’s when it happened.

The most beautiful smile from a shoddy costumed man split the clouds open.

He was SO happy someone waved back. It was one of those zygomatic smiles that you just know that you know is coming from the heart. That’s when I decided to start going that way to work every day.

It wasn’t some sexy energy flirty exchange. It was a quick polite wave and mutual cheering-up communication.

Every day, on cue, at 10 to 10-15 AM he would see my car and just wave and wave as he quickly walked up the street toward me. I would wave back and it was fun to bring some cheer into the world in such a small way.

He was nothing like the other statue of liberty around the same corner leaning against a telephone pole and smoking a cigarette. He wasn’t any fun. Just rolled his eyes when I waved at him. But I waved at him every day, too.

Then one day, during our morning ritual, the fun statue of liberty blew me a kiss. It didn’t feel flirty at all. He seemed really appreciative of the kindness. At least that’s how I read it. Then four days ago his horrible small font sign had in large fonts, “ONE DAY LEFT!” The next day, “LAST CHANCE FOR…” trailed off into small fonts. The past two days, both the beautiful and boring statue of liberties disappeared.

And, I am sad about it. I miss that big ‘ole smile and having a strange man dressed up as the statue of liberty sending me air kisses.

Now, I already wave at all the waving sign spinners and sign carriers when I see them. But, if I happen across one with that joyous smile blowing me kisses, I will let you know.

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