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I miss blogging—a lot. But, there was a short time when blogs and an old-fashioned thing called “online forums” were the original social networks. They are still around; of course, you are reading one! But I think they are making a comeback. Maybe not in the same way they initially burst onto the online scene, but better.

More thoughtful, more creative, long-form but not too long-form writing.

Plus, I asked this question on Facebook, and it spurred a lot of potential blog topics and issues to add to my memoir. Click on it to see all 36 comments and over 64 replies. It’s an excellent discussion:

Topic Suggestions?

Would you like to see some specific topics discussed here on the blog? In the memoir? Both? Please let me know in the comments below or the feedback tab (red) on the side of the blog.

I am committing to at least one new blog post each Sunday. Hopefully, more in time.

Memoir Update

This weekend I am happy to say that the first comprehensive non-professional self-edit of the entire book is finished! By “non-professional” I mean HEAVY use of Grammarly and my content edits. Over the next three weeks, I will be adding some more content and tweaking the h*ll out of it so I will have a proper manuscript to turn in on July 1st. That’s when the professional editing and all the stuffs start.

Also, if you aren’t aware already, I created a newsletter. Accepting my publisher’s advice, I agreed that it should be the primary way I communicate with all of you beautiful people :). Social media is excellent. Let’s socialize everywhere! But it isn’t always reliable; especially when they tinker with algorithms. Believe it or not, that happens a lot and not always to the benefit of getting important information in front of those who would like it. Email is email, you might have to check your spam box for the initial newsletter but unspam it, and it will hit your inbox every time. If you would like to sign up for my newsletter, please do so here.

I think that is it for this week. Please let me know what you think or topics/questions you would like covered.

Let’s have the courage to be ourselves, together,

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