“Mrs.” Dan Scobey

A former friend, now enemy by his description, tried insulting me by publicly saying I now “identify” as “Mrs. Dan Scobey.” Oh, Sis?! Come on now. You can come up with better insults than that. I can’t say for a fact, but I am pretty sure Jesus is disappointed in your lack of flair and pizzaz in your life.

While I am sure I have never introduced myself as Mrs. Dan Scobey, I wouldn’t mind if someone else did. I love Dan and do not mind any expression of acknowledging I am his spouse. Both Dan and I embrace our gender as he/him. However, I am not afraid, at all, of the feminine within.

God Themself created women in His image just as much as any man. It’s evident in Genesis 1 that God transcends gender if the gender binary flows out of His/Her/Their Image. And if the Divine is more than one gender, it only makes sense that Their creation would be as well. Every single person, in my view, has gender attributes of male/female/non-binary to some extent.

Quite a Queer hypothesis, don’t ya think?

Also, Wisdom is identified as one of the main character attributes of the Divine. And “She” is personified as the Wisdom found in Proverbs. “She” is the one crying out for humankind to hear and receive Her sayings, guidance, counsel, and become wise. To reject Wisdom is to invite folly. The Wisdom in Proverbs looks and sounds exactly like the Holy Spirit’s role in our lives after Pentecost. Even at my evangelical right-wing worst, I always thought of the Holy Spirit as the Mother-Heart of God.

Toxic masculinity is threatened by the unmatched power unique to and inherent in feminity. Healthy cis-gendered men are not threatened by Her. We embrace Her teachings from within our hearts, how She manifests in our sisters and non-binary siblings. We are not entirely ourselves if we divorce ourselves from the other gender(s) within; to grow, I think we need to embrace the truth that gender is not limited to a binary that is culturally derived stereotypes. If we are created to bear God’s image, then it only makes sense that we would transcend gender and embody its myriad expressions.

Indeed, Mrs. Dan Scobey has a nice ring to it.

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