Choosing Your Battles

Today, I learned of what I perceive is a betrayal and had the chance to just really let my anger flag fly! I decided to write out everything I was feeling and thinking and realized it wasn’t a battle I need. Notice I didn’t say, I want. I *want* to rant about the information I discovered but then the question of, why? popped in my head. Why am I dwelling on this? Where is the life-giving example? Am I wanting to resolve this with unconditional concern and compassion? Or am I wanting revenge for feeling betrayed?

Of course, my perception and feelings are not necessarily reality and what would it accomplish if I tried to hold these persons accountable for the wrongs, I perceive they have done? When the answer is “it would not accomplish anything healthy or productive,” then that is a battle I don’t want and should not engage.

There may be a time down the road when I may find and open door to discuss this with them. There may not be. Either way, I am ok with letting this battle go. What are your thoughts? How do you choose your battles?

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