Today’s Gay Agenda for August 31, 2022

Today I had to:

  • Kiss my husband and tell him I love him, and we both head out to our day.
  • Go to the courthouse to get a copy of our marriage (still legal and will stay that way if I have any say in the matter) license.
  • Go to the passport office, take a photo, and have the sweet helper guide me through filling out the forms to update my passport with my new legal name (Scobey).
  • Find out I have to pay through the nose to “renew” my passport because I missed the legal change name window PLUS expediting it so I will get it before our cruise in November.
  • Drive across town to the bank and get a cashier’s check.
  • Go to the post office and pull it together (passport forms, cashier check, old passport, marriage license, etc.) to priority mail to the passport minions in Pennsylvania.
  • Pay even more money for that … ugh.
  • Rush to a medical appointment… that I thought was at a particular building … nope. Seven miles away… get there with one minute to spare. <– that does not sit well with me. I was raised that if you are ten minutes early, you are already five minutes late!
  • My doctor didn’t send the script/instructions like he said he would. So I had to run home, and get my hard copy (the doctor’s office was out for lunch at the very beginning of my appointment at this other place). Go back to the place and get all the stuffs done.
  • Come home, hug my puppies, and go work out.
  • Take a nap.
  • Wrangle with the cruise line’s support chatbot for five minutes to only find out no agents are available at this time (HQ is in England, I think).
  • Write this post.

Synopsis For Today’s Attempts To Brainwash The Straight World

So, the gay agenda for today should have all my former friends and religious right just quaking in their boots. It’s just so shockingly salaciously gay! I kissed my spouse, a man, got a copy of our LEGAL marriage certificate, spent more money than I expected, got blood drawn, and no one screamed while running from the building (that’s growth for me). My fur kids accept their two daddies and don’t care what other packs of animals think. Then I politely argued with a not a real person over not getting the answers I was looking for concerning our 1st-anniversary cruise in two months.

In no time, being a wild and crazy gay will look exactly like being an ordinary adult doing ordinary adulting things.

Well, until I share with you that we are going with a group of friends to an LGBTQ+ clothing-optional campground to celebrate Labor Day this Saturday. To be clear, my options for clothing are to keep them on, and I cannot say that for anyone else. Lol.

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