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LGBTQ+ Spirituality

Sunday Morning Musings: There Was Not A “Fall” from Grace, I Moved Forward in Christ

Ex-gay/Conversion Ministry Leader Linda Seiler wrote what I would consider a condescending note on Facebook titled, "Why Ex-gay Leaders Go Back." When I wrote a similar article to hers back in the day, I feared that the leaders who left our ranks were leading people astray with substantial consequences. Unfortunately, from what Linda wrote,…

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A Message On Tolerance from A “Barking…Rainbow Protestor”

From time to time I will take messages I read (or receive) from ex-gay/conversion ministry leaders and turn them into blog posts. Will quote them verbatim but the bolded/italicized/underlined parts of their quotes are my emphasis.  - Randy ------- RHN Director Anne Paulk writes on June 16th and republishes on July 10th: "Tolerance is a two-way street.…

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