Send Me An Angel… Right Now…

Back when I was seventeen, I used to sneak out of the house and/or call in sick to work to go hang out at the gay bars. Initially, the euphoria and my naiveté made a powerful mix. As any traumatized slightly neurotic 17-year-old looking for any semblance of escape would be prone to do, I... Continue Reading →

The Perfect Honeymoon

I don't even know where to begin. Wait, no, actually I do, with the love of my husband. I love my husband. I fell in love with Dan, married him, and just spent a week on The Scarlet Lady luxury cruise ship (Virgin Voyages) with him. Add in some close friends sailing with us. We... Continue Reading →

What’s In A Name? Everything…

In the Bible, humankind's first assignment from the Divine was to name everything. Whether I believe that Adam and the Garden of Eden ever existed or not, the symbolism/lesson is obvious. Names are significant to Christ's followers and everyone who has ever lived regardless of religion or no religion. Names provide the anchor for our... Continue Reading →

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