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Confronting Conversion Therapy is Not An Attack On The Gospel


It is time for exgay leaders to stop the abuse and lies masquerading as The Gospel. Stop lying to yourself so you can stop abusing others. _______#stopexgayministry #endconversiontherapy conversiontherapy #exgay #stillgay #sogay #instagay #lgbtq #lgbtq🌈

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  • dapeha
    Posted February 15, 2022

    What is the Gospel
    Anyways? It’s GOOD NEWS not necessarily about the “Kingdom of God” but also a change in one’s situation in life, from negative to HOPE! it’s not a religious catch phrase that only those who are “in” know the meaning. It’s presenting to those who need it, a safe place to be… free from the shackles and bondage put on by others who would wish to push them down! Freedom!

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