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“Would You Like to Sound More Diplomatic?”

The weekend before this past one, I ran my entire memoir (what I have so far) through the Grammarly editor. I love the Grammarly service. But when I loaded the Grammarly app on my Word document, the suggestions counter ran out of space!

That isn’t very nice. Lol.

The memoir is over 80,000 words, and I still have more to add, so I guess that is normal. Even so, I nearly had an anxiety issue over the thought of going through literally almost 2,000 suggestions! Nevertheless, I hunkered down, and while it took a long time, I did comb through all the suggestions.

The good part is it was all mostly comma issues, synonym suggestions, and using consistent spacing. A few hard-to-read sentences had to be chopped up or rearranged. There was also a bit of jargon that was eye-opening and easily fixed. However, the suggestion that made me chuckle each time I saw it was the Grammarly suggestion of, “Would you like to sound more diplomatic?”

Through a hearty chuckle, each time, I said, “No, Grammarly, I don’t want to sound f*cking diplomatic.” Then I hit the little trash can icon, and the suggestion disappeared.

My memoir isn’t very diplomatic about a few of the stories mentioned. It’s not a goal to be as offensive as possible, or even at all. But, I guess being free with a few cuss words here and there might be construed as not very diplomatic.

So, did Grammarly tame my unbridled tongue in a few situations? H**l no. But I love the service and appreciate the “are you sure?” element within its AI.


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