“Pray Away” Director, Kristine Stolakis and Randy Thomas On NPR’s Morning Edition

I don’t think this is a movement of a few bad apples. It’s a movement that’s born out of a larger culture of homophobia and transphobia that still persists in the majority of Christian churches today.

Kristine Stolakis, director of the Netflix documentary “Pray Away”

Today Kristine and I are sharing about Pray Away on Morning Edition on NPR. I share specifically about how the death of Michael exposed the deadly ideology we both lived by and ripped my blinders off. I also plead with church leaders to allow themselves to love God’s LGBTQ+ children for who He created them to be. Kristine did an incredible job explaining the film and how conversion therapy is rebranding. You can also read the interview here. #prayaway

It crushed me to know that the ideology that we had both ascribed to, that we both lived by, that I had been promoting, had killed my friend.

Randy Thomas, former executive vice president of Exodus International

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