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Of Thanksgiving, Bonus Dads, Hissy Sasquatch Battles and Getting Our Boosters = Busy Holiday

Sally Mae’s Whiskey Chocolate Pecan Pie

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I hope you all did as well. We spent the first part of the day with Aly & Loren and the later part with Rik & Allen and that side of the family :).

I made my traditional Sally Mae Whiskey Chocolate Pecan pie (4 to be exact, so far), and they must have been good, seeing as they evaporated quickly. But, I will admit that they are darn deliciously fantastically magically realign your chakras kind of good. It would be like heaven if it were a buttered pecan chocolate whiskey miracle.

It was my first Thanksgiving as a married man 🙂 and I loved it. Autumn declared my pies “A NEW SCOBEY tradition!” which made my day. I asked her if she was ok with me, her Bonus Dad with evil Stepmother tendencies, called her my daughter. She said yes and that she liked it when I called her my daughter. Awwwww….

So now let’s focus on getting that Spanish grade up … 🙂 lol

Then I had to go back to work Friday (yesterday), but before I had even gotten out of bed, Dan came running in, “RANDY, HELP ME with the DOGS!” I heard a lot of commotion outside. I popped my eyes in (contacts) ran out in nothing but my pajama shorts and ugly house slippers to find Dan digging with a shovel furiously under the shed and Queen Gigi the grey digging with her paws on the other side of the shed and barking like crazy.

Yes, I am 53 years old with a 13 year old sense of humor. Hate me if you want, but you know it’s funny.

Eli, the 9 lbs Zombie Killing Chihuahua apparently chased something super hissy under the shed. While we determined it was best for story-telling to say it was a Sasquatch, it was probably a raccoon or possum, maybe a tomcat. The problem is, Eli couldn’t get back out and we couldn’t see him or the monster. I was talking to him and he was near me most of the time until the super hissy thing scared the crap out of me. So with my rubenesque backside pajama-shorts covered but stuck up in the air, slippers wet and muddy, my titties all in the dirt, I was digging with my paws, too. Dan was on the east side, I was on the south side and Gigi was digging and barking (sending her queen warrior energy to Eli). She was SO loud on the west side and Eli sounded ferocious and terrified all at once. Gigi was unstoppable and almost got under the shed herself. I was almost shoulder deep when I felt whisker kisses on the back of my legs and it was Eli! He got out through the hole Gigi made; no bites, blood, broken bones, or puncture wounds. We were so relieved we didn’t even try to get the Sasquatch out.

Get vaccinated… get your booster. Save your life and the lives of others. Once injected, you will start to receive messages in your brain electronically from Big Gay HQ and maybe even Queen Elton John himself! Just kidding, it kills the coronavirus, is the right thing to do, save lives, topples stupid conspiracy theories, that’s it. No fun stuff.

After all that excitement, today, after getting our Pfizer booster shots, Dan is getting the house ready for Christmas decorating, I am writing this post and then working on a gigantic spreadsheet for one of my clients. So, sort of back to normal.

I am experiencing life in a way I never thought would be available to me. I had allowed cultural and religious stigma to shape my view of the world and myself. As a result, I was always limited to being the “friend of the family” during the holidays. There is nothing wrong with that at all. I am grateful for every family who welcomed me into their home for the holidays throughout my life. But for some reason, I always felt alone in those houses full of love and laughter. Feeling alone and “limited” should have been the first clue I wasn’t called to celibacy as my self-loathing (at the time) claimed.

That said, I have loved having holidays with my little family over the past five years, but something about being married this year added a new depth of blessing that is hard to describe. Plus, when our whole pack defeated the evil hissy Sasquatch, being called bonus Dad and enjoying referring to my daughter and husband, it was a real humdinger of a Thanksgiving!


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